Desert Bloom was a success!!!

Hey folks, this years Desert Bloom Rally in Quartzsite AZ was an absolute success in every fashion of the word. There was almost a 40% bigger attendance and even more great vendors like SXS Performance, PRP Performance and KC Highlights there…oh yea and Desert Rides and River Breeze RV Resort were there helping as usual.

I will have the video link up on the site soon, but i posted a few pics just to give you all an idea of what beauty the desert actually holds out here.

Also for any of you riders looking for really awesome ride time, the weather has been just perfect in AZ this year– temps range form the upper 60’s to low 90’s and sunny everyday for the last 6 weeks. Also on that note River Breeze Resort is in full bloom and looks the best it ever has…so check us out on our website at or link through Desert Rides website.

We still offer $25 off atv rentals to folks staying at this great resort on the river, so contact us or if you have any other stroies or pics from our area let us know 🙂

Y100_1864 (800x600) 100_1821 (800x600) 100_1752 (800x600) 100_1768 (800x600) 100_1860 (800x600) 100_1857 (800x600) 100_1761 (800x600)all have a great weekend!!!